Telecommunications For Your Business

Good communication is the foundation of any successful business. This is especially apparent when communicating with clients and prospective customers interested in acquiring your product or services. Having a quality telecommunication system is paramount to attracting custom, as well as streamlining the process of contact so your business isn’t overwhelmed, or the client isn’t dissatisfied.A […]

Insuring Your Business

Any successful business owner knows that protection is one of the most important elements in business, no matter what sector. Insuring your business not only gives you peace of mind, but will also protect you from having to pay legal claims out of the businesses finances. Insurance also safeguards certain aspects where your company is […]

Offices In The US For Your Business

Finding a suitable working space for your business is of course one of the utmost priorities. This can be difficult when you are based outside of the US, as you want to make sure the location is ticking all the necessary requirements. You will also need to consider furnishing, which is appropriate to your style, […]

Contractor Management

Contractor management is the management of work performed by an outsourced company for an individual firm. It implements a system that oversees contractor’s health and safety information, insurance information, training programmes and any documentation that relates to the contractor and the client. Our partnered firms can help your business with selection, acquisition, use and monitoring […]

Payroll, HR, & Benefits For Your Business

Certain facets of business, that are traditionally provided in-house by a specific department, can be outsourced. This will not only provide you with a reduction in wages, but also a highly professional, dedicated company carrying out roles which allows you to reinvest the wages saved into improvements to your business. This can be incredibly useful […]

Legal Requirements For Your Business

Legal & Immigration If you are wanting to travel to the US as a visitor, you will need a visa or an ESTA waiver to enter the country. You can consult the US State Department website to determine whether you can apply for an ESTA or if you require a visa.As of 8 November 2021, […]

Banking For Your Business

Banking is an essential part of any business and is fundamental to making sure your business operates financially as smoothly and efficiently as possible.Establishing a business bank account in the US as a non-resident can be done through both online and in-person channels. Online account setup often involves selecting a bank that accommodates non-resident business […]

Foreign Exchange For Your Business

Foreign exchange (FX) is a key asset to your business when moving overseas. Exchanging currencies across the globe relies on transparency, insight and security, enabling the client to feel trust in making transactions.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UWutrxbXzYForeign exchange (FX) is a key asset to your business when moving overseas. Exchanging currencies across the globe relies on transparency, insight and […]

Accountancy For Your Business

When it comes to setting up your business, choosing an accountant in the US that is a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) or tax lawyer is vital. You are essentially entering a new market, and no matter how much research you’ve done into the finances of the US it’s always recommended to obtain an accountancy professional […]

Incorporating Your Business Into The US

Forming the correct corporate structure is vital to your company’s success. You need to understand why you have chosen to incorporate your business in a particular way and the tax implications that are posed on your structure. If you’re entering the market in the US for the first time, setting up a subsidiary company is […]